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Thinkflink is a family-owned investment holding and advisory company, focusing on the tech sector, traditional industries and selected real estate projects. Thinkflink lets its portfolio companies develop with the help of its large international network.

Our investment goal is sustainable long-term growth, while cultivating mutually beneficial relationships across different industries and providing advice where needed.

Following the philosophy of its own investments, Thinkflink advises companies and individuals on strategic asset allocation with a focus on long term value preservation. We offer more than a decade of experience in wealth management, asset allocation and cross-border private equity transactions with a broad network of specialized local institutions on several continents. This allows us to focus on the broader picture, while integrating the necessary local competence through our network of partners.


Our experienced team will offer best solution for you.

Severin Meister

Founder and CEO of Thinkflink. He is a former naval officer with a background in both law and economics, holding degrees from universities in Germany and Italy. His experience in private equity and wealth management stems from more than a decade as CEO of a large international single-family office with a broad industrial portfolio.

Alena von Trott

Director of Thinkflink in Germany. She holds a degree in Psychology and has extensive experience in human resources management, crisis communication and in building reliable teams for a wide range of projects.

Cristina Luna

Chemical engineer with a Master degree in Engineering Management. She is specialized in process optimization and complex technical sales processes. She has a decade of experience with multinational companies in the Energy sector as well as startup companies, allowing her to head the advisory services of Thinkflink for portfolio companies and external clients.

Sylvia Streidl

Qualified accountant and the reliable backbone of the German office. She makes sure that our diverse portfolio is tightly controlled and deadlines are always kept.


Mission Point

We view all our projects over a long-time horizon and do not focus on short term gains.

Only when you are prepared for real crises will you also master the small challenges that arise day to day.

In a broad and diversified portfolio each element supports the other.

We judge them based on
fundamental criteria

Not fluctuating market perceptions



We invest in companies that are successful in their niche and have a prospect of sustainable long-term growth. Resilience to external shocks and a broad and established customer base are equally important.